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SV Seeker travels down the Arkansas River

The Sea Chest Foundation is a 501(C)(3), nonprofit organization dedicated to operating, outfitting, maintaining and staffing water vessels for ocean research and other charitable causes.

Welcome aboard, SV Seeker made her land crawl to the Port of Catoosa in August, 2021 and moved down the Verdigris River to Three Forks Harbor in Muskogee, OK in February, 2022. Considered the United States’ most inland port, the Port of Catoosa is just one of the reasons Doug Jackson selected Tulsa as the site to build his vessel. While there are no plans for SV Seeker to ever return to Oklahoma, Tulsa’s Port of Catoosa will always be considere her “home port”. She made the journey down the MKARNS & Arkansas River to the Mississippi River and then south to the Gulf of Mexico.

Currently Doug and Seeker are anchored near Pensacola but will be heading south and east in June, 2024.

We have been asked to assist with a research and recovery projects in the Lesser Antilles as well as the Atlantic shores and are in conversations with other research non-profits. We will likely be joined by other vessels and couldn’t be more excited. But first we still need to fine tune Seeker and continue to have sea trials and modifications before tackling the big blue.

We are currently in discussion with a group to be involved in mapping the ocean floor. We’re excited at the prospect of being to assist in that monumental project.

We’ll release more information as the plans are finalized. In the meantime we’ll watch as Seeker makes her way to the ocean and completes her rigging and sea trials.

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