Seeker Chest (Limited Edition)


Cedar box from the 2021 Launch Party filled with SV Seeker goodies.  Be sure and mention in the comments what your shirt size is.    Doug made the box from the same cedar used on Seeker and the turtle he fabricated from the ol’ school bus.

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Trying to clean out the old Merchandise closet and have come up with a very limited supply of the very best SV goody box ever!      This whopping box made of the same cedar used by Doug on SV Seeker was actually made by Doug.   Boxes like this were on every table at the 2021 Launch Party and were filled with all sorts of puzzles and prizes.     This time around it includes a different set of goodies that includes:

SV Seeker T Shirt (Launch shirt for sizes Small to 2XL;  Bilge rats shirt for those 3X to 6X).
SV Seeker Shot glasses (4)
SV Seeker plastic drink cups (4)
SV Seeker Ball Cap
“What Did You Make Today” Bumper Sticker
Pirate flag (it’s small so don’t get too excited)
Metal turtle made by Doug from sheet metal off the old school bus.   (these were also party decorations)
…and of course the big ol’ heavy cedar box.

We’ll toss in a Darwin as well and probably a few other things that we run across between now and then.    We only had 36 of these boxes so definitely a collectible (though they can also double as firewood or a place to store your wool shawls to keep the moths away).

Don’t forget to list your shirt size in the comment box at checkout.

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Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5.5 in


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